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Meet the Artist


McKenzie Fitz is an interdisciplinary artist, whose work deals with ideas about identity, specifically regarding femininity and sexuality.  Her practice includes a multitude of mediums from photography,  painting, printmaking, and neon to visual communicative work. 

From the Chicago area, she has recently exhibited her work in galleries across the city, in addition to working at the SAIC Galleries


Selected Exhibitions



The School of The Art Institute of Chicago

Bachelor in Fine Art

Focus in Gender, Sexuality, Printmaking, Photography, Visual Communications, Neon, and Music

April 2019

Siragusa Gallery

Too Good for Artbash Exhibit

Collarbones, Stomach, Shoulderblades, & Shoulders

September 2019

Siragusa Gallery

OuRArt Showcase


October 2019

Siragusa Gallery

Elissa Tiny Minature Show


November 2021

Chicago Gallery Cafe

Portraits Exhibit

Stomach,  Forest Nymph

March 2022

Dragonfly Gallery

I Am Woman Exhibit

Forest Nymph Triptych

March 2022

Siragusa Gallery

Femme Exhibit


October 2022

Chicago Fine Art Salon

I Am Not A Robot Exhibit

A Girl Is More Than A Gun

April 2023

SAIC Galleries

Spring Undergraduate 2023 Exhibition

Sweet As Honey

October 2023

Agitator Gallery

Works on Paper Exhibition

A Girl Is More Than A Gun

December 2023

The Martin Gallery

Prints! Prints! Prints! Exhibition

Love Me..

Make Out, Make Art

April 2024

Woman Made Gallery

Down There Exhibition

Fresh Cut

September 2023

Am I Showing Off My Body or Do I Just Have a Body?

The Hallway Gallery

Celebration Exhibition

Spring 2023 Issue

Unpublished Magazine


Fanning the Flame

Fall 2021 Issue

From the Future Zine


Summer Haze

Issue N.5

Bloom Magazine

Think Pink

Summer Haze

Issue N. 13

Mouth Magazine

Fall 2022

Just A Thought

Works on Paper

Agitator Gallery

October 2023

A Girl Is More Than A Gun

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