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Sex Throughout Your Cycle

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Recently there has been an influx of ladies sharing TikToks about the revelation of how working out according to your ovulation cycle is a more successful routine than what the average trainer may have you believe. Like most things in this world, the standards are often calculated based on what’s best for men. However, our bodies change just like the seasons, and the same way that the moon moves the tides, it moves the tides within you physically and emotionally. So if you’re looking to fine-tune your sex life, then maybe you’d like to know a little more about how the phase of your cycle will affect your pleasure.

Let’s establish the basics first, such as the major hormones your body is processing. For many of us who use a type of birth control (ex. the pills), you may recognize the terms Estrogen and Progesterone. Your pill controls your cycle by giving you more of one or the other so your body believes you’re in a certain stage. That’s also why many people find themselves losing their libido based on the hormones they’re now producing and the placebo state they become stuck in. To learn more about how the pill may be affecting your drive and life overall you should definitely read This Is Your Brain On Birth Control.

There are four stages of the ovulation cycle that are broken into two phases, the Follicular and the Luteal phases.

The first week is everyone’s favorite, the period. There are two kinds of people during this time, those whose sex drive skyrockets and those who don’t want to be touched with a yardstick. Testosterone is at an all-time high at the beginning, which can explain the anger and attitude that is commonly referred to as PMSing. For some individuals, this will cause an increase in libido. Many happen to find that orgasms bring some relief by reducing period pains and boosting your mood. It also happens to include a natural lubricant…

Moving onto week two, many will feel burnt out from the toll of the prior week. After resting and recovering, estrogen will begin to rise again while creeping up at the end of the week. As ovulation gets closer, you’ll likely feel more energetic and keen on getting intimate. Your cervix is also moving from a lower to a higher position at this time which is why in the earlier phases of your cycle, deep penetration may be more unpleasant.

Week three is where you find yourself daydreaming more in class about the cutie you passed earlier in the hall or rewatching video compilations of Cillian Murphy during your break. Your sense of smell becomes more finetuned as it searches for pheromones. Considering scent is the strongest sense to trigger memories, it’s more likely the right smell will have you fantasizing about a night you barely remember or perhaps hasn’t even happened yet. If you notice more discharge during this period, it’s absolutely normal. That is your estrogen getting to work to make sure not only your energy levels are at their fullest but that you’re also all lubed up and ready to go.

The last week is a rollercoaster. Most often we think of this week more as the start of the cycle, where progesterone kicks in causing bloating, irritation, fatigue, mood swings, you name it. The assortment of emotions and physical pain alone tends to deter any intrigue in sex, let alone the impending doom of which pair of panties will be sacrificed to the red river this month. You may also find that there’s less discharge and overall lubricant making sex more uncomfortable without some assistance.

By tracking your cycle and planning accordingly you could potentially crack the code to the perfect sex life (or get close at least.) There’s still something to be said for spontaneity. The next time your Bumble match wants to meet on the 12th, but you’re not in your third stage for another 4 days you can schedule accordingly to ensure an ideal hook-up and hopefully, your favorite set doesn’t get ruined. You can focus on Netflix and chill during the start of the month, move on to nights out in the middle, and work your way back to some sensual self-care baths at the end. Regardless of the stage, chocolate will always be a good idea.

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