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How The Overturning of Roe V. Wade Affects Sex

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Roe V. Wade is about more than just abortion rights for women, it’s about privacy rights for all citizens. LGBTQ+ protection laws, medical privacy for disabled individuals, practicing beliefs other than Christianity, marriage equality, and more will all be threatened. Sex influences who we choose to spend time with, the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the places we spend our time, and the things we listen to, watch and believe. How everyone approaches their daily lives are altered by the overturning of these laws. Many of us will be deterred by who we feel safe having sex with, if we feel safe having it at all, and how comfortable we will be expressing our sexuality publicly. Not everyone will be able to take precautions such as birth control pills and implants as these resources become more and more difficult to acquire. Some individuals may get surgeries where alternative forms of birth control are no longer available, while others may take even more drastic measures to ensure their safety, as life-saving procedures will no longer be offered. There is a lot to take into consideration and it is all overwhelming. If this article serves any purpose, it is to help break down the many options we have to dwell on for our well-being and that of our loved ones.

Most people think that Roe V. Wade is only for abortions. However, it affects birth control overall. In many states, all variations of abortions will no longer be allowed. Medical providers will not prioritize the mother’s body over the fetus’ when there are complications during the pregnancy and at birth. Fortunately, there are a few checks in place to assist individuals in traveling to safe states for the procedures they need. For the rest of us, we will try to avoid pregnancy by seeking earlier birth control preventatives such as the pill, a shot, or an IUD. The loss of Roe V. Wade means far too many states have blocked bodily autonomy this far ahead. Some insurances will no longer pay for contraceptives.

Pharmacies will no longer supply them and some states will try to prevent procuring birth control in any way possible. Most birth control pills are deactivated when combined with other medications, especially antibiotics so it’s something to keep in mind now more than ever if that is the form of protection you rely on. Even Plan B will become less accessible than it already was. You can order it off of Amazon, but it isn’t common knowledge that Plan-B is intended for a 140lb weight limit so it may be necessary to take 2 or find an alternative higher dosage. Anyone who finds themselves in a desperate situation also has several resources to exhaust such as subscriptions, alternative insurance, and sterilization in the case that attaining birth control locally isn’t possible. It is important to remember that many options require considerable payments that most cannot afford. Medications not intended for birth control, but that could have implications on those intending to get pregnant, are already being blocked, keeping thousands from necessary prescriptions like anti-depressants and autoimmune disorders.

This is where many different organizations and their gracious funds come into play. It is also when we begin taking into account what we can do for others. The days of carrying an extra hair tie or tampon in our bags have turned into keeping a spare contraceptive or test kit on our bedsides. Have those difficult conversations with the ones you love most because if they truly love you too, they will care for your well-being in return. The people we vote for, the way we speak about sensitive matters, and how willing we are to be “inconvenienced” for one another mean more now than ever before. We need to share resources and support each other more than ever. And discretely. Assume that regardless of where you live, your data is being shared with the government. Social platforms and communication apps are selling our information, so please delete your period tracking apps and do not DM anything regarding these procedures. Simply telling someone you bought a pregnancy test or are seeking assistance can lead to doxxing. Even a simple Google search, incognito too, can be traced.

When there are attacks on bodily autonomy coming from all sides, very few of us likely feel our body is our own at all anymore. It is not only getting more difficult to practice safe sex, but now it is nearly impossible to enjoy it when you may be indirectly committing a felony. The implications go far beyond the pregnancy, it is a matter of life versus death. It is crucial now more than ever to communicate with our sexual partners. And I emphasize the word partners. You are in this act together whether you will face equal consequences or not. A condom or vasectomy is truly a small ask in the wake of criminalized feminine sexuality. When lives are at risk, pleasure seems such a small matter but it isn’t. Sex drives our lives and pleasure is a key part of sex. If you can’t feel comfortable expressing or sharing your sexuality it shuts down a core part of yourself. Take this as a sign that your sexuality is so powerful that some people would do anything to stop you and your persistence is an act of rebellion. Sex in its multitude of forms is empowering and healthy.

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